mercredi 6 octobre 2010

Montreal Symphonic Orchestra

Did you know that a fantastic orchestra is playing every week or so, right downtown at Place des Arts ?
Oh yeah, sure, this is gonna be some expensive stuff for old rich cultivated people, you'd say.
Man, never underestimate the amazingness of Montreal: there are student tickets for every show, at 12$ only.
All you have to do is call (514) 842 9951 one week before the show. Or for the procrastinating ones, just show up one hour before it starts. That's it.

And let the music of the greatest men enter your body and free your mind.

And here I stood, eagerly clapping my hands, a beatific smile hanging on my face.

La grande musique, c'est comme les grands vins: ça pique jamais, même pas après le cinquième verre.

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Ayez pas peur, ça mord pas !